Creative writing tool

Creative Technology Project

For my final year creative technology project I was able to incorporate my passion for storytelling, digital technologies and user centered design. I developed a writing organisation web application to help writers manage their creative writing projects. I used a range of qualitative research methods including design probes, interviews and conversations, auto-ethnographic case studies, and research through practice to better understand the creative writing processes. This ensured my final design was grounded in insights developed from considering the creative writing process for both myself and others.


Video showcasing my final prototype 

If I were to further develop my application I would conduct more user testing to improve on the interface.

One method would be 'expectation testing' to find out what users expect features to do and make sure that they align with the mental models that people have.

Another method I would use is 'feature inspection' to check the ease of use and findability of different elements.

These methods will be important to the success of the application as ease of use was a common theme that kept coming up during my user research.