Final prototype development

To plan out the backend functionality of the web application I created an entity relationship model (ERM) to help me figure out exactly how the database would store user data. This was helpful as it made me visualise how each aspect of the site would fit together. I also realised that my initial ideas were going to be too complex for the prototype so I was able to narrow down exactly what functionality I needed to focus on. I decided to cut out adding the community features (such as friends and writing circles) and instead focus my efforts on getting a smaller amount fully completed (such as the storage of text and image story elements).

Entity relationship diagram of how the system would work

Looking into the user interface design I came across the Material Design Lite framework which allows you to quickly implement responsive web elements, and does not rely on JavaScript frameworks. This was great as I wanted the interface to be simplistic and save me time in not having to include any other frameworks such jQuery libraries.

Creative writing tool homepage screenshot
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