Getting started

Project elements mind map

In order to start planning my creative technology project I decided to sit down and create a mind-map to solidify the ideas that would eventually inform the content of my proposal. I had already begun planning my project over the summer so I knew that I wanted to work my love of creative writing into my final year project. However I was having trouble narrowing down exactly what I wanted to create.

Having completed my mind-map I eventually settled on the idea of creating a website that would help users to manage their creative writing projects. Incorporating various UX techniques to motivate the user to keep writing by making it easy to organise their:

  • Outlines
  • Plans
  • Scenes
  • Manuscripts
  • Character development
  • World building
  • Research
  • Images
  • Prompts and Inspiration

As well as have them be able to note down information on the go.

I then started to put together a timeline to plan the project stages.

Project timeline documents

As I was creating my timeline I noticed that I would not have enough time to properly develop all of the initial ideas I had come up with. I realised that I would need to narrow down the scope of the project. 

Developing a phone application for on the go note taking would over complicate things and impact on how much time I had to spend creating the main website. However this would be something that I will plan for future expansion. To achieve this I will need to make sure that I take a modular approach to my design and implementation.

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