Interview #1

Another way for me to gather research was to conduct a semi-structured interview with one of my writer friends. I based the questions that I wanted to ask on the brief conversations I had taken part in previously and allowed the conversation to flow naturally as we went. I stared out by making a note of what questions I wanted to ask. Then opened a notepad file on my computer so I could quickly type up their answers and my follow up questions.

Hand written interview questions

Going through the transcript I picked out some of the points that either confirmed my previous findings, stood out as important, or gave further insight into what my site needed to contain.


  • Colour-coding
  • Multiple people work on a project – great for collaboration
  • Keep track of who has made what changes
  • Don’t want to waste time learning how to use the UI
  • Like to get everything written down as quickly as possible
  • Break down projects/stories into more manageable chunks
  • Allow people to add comments – people can leave quick feedback
  • Want different accounts to be integrated into whatever site they are using
  • Easy way to digitally store rough hand written notes

Interview #2

To gather information from a range of different writers I conducted an online interview with my second case study volunteer. 


  • Wants to write to relax more
  • Short on time – wont spent time on a complicated UI
  • Save different forms of media (photos/videos)
  • Save content in one place to help complete work
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