Research threads & questions

Research threads mind map

In order to avoid wasted time I needed to pin down my research questions to help me to focus on the key aims of my project.

Qualitative Analysis of Research Topics

To narrow down my aims I decided to write down all of the research areas I initially felt would be important and categorise them.

I ended up with four categories that contained each of my intended research topics:

  • What is the Problem?
    • Current Situation
    • Competition
    • Target Audience
    • Proto-Personas
    • Scenarios
  • Peoples Writing Habits
    • Observations
    • Interviews
  • Technology
    • Smart Pens
    • Frameworks
    • Languages
    • APIs
  • UX, Design and Motivation
    • Design Languages
    • Interaction Design
    • Motivating the User
    • Customisable Interfaces
    • Taxonomy
  • Databasing
    • Data it will handle
    • Requirements to link data together
    • NoSQL vs SQL
    • Servers
    • Database Design

My Research Questions

  1. What current issues will my web application solve?
  2. How do people usually manage their own creative writing projects, and how will my web application enhance this process?
  3. What is the best suited technology to build my web application?
  4. How can I design my user interface to encourage people to keep using my web application?
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