User testing

I wanted to observe people using my initial web app prototype to make sure that it was easy to navigate and use. I gathered together five different people, a mix of writers and non-writers, and gave them four scenarios to work through.

I then sat and took notes of each time they got stuck or had any comments. This was incredibly helpful because I realised that there were quite a few usability issues that needed to be solved during my next iteration.



  • Make it more clear that the project hub is the project hub
  • Add back buttons and breadcrumbs to make it easier to go back
  • Add a navigation bar to the side panel so it’s less confusing to find information
  • Add folders to project draw as it looks cluttered
  • Separate account information and project information in navigation bar as it is too confusing
  • Recent updates needs to be stuff made public and not random stuff added
  • People keep clicking ‘add new project’ to get to the project draw – need to make clearer
  • Some people used the tags to find character information but were then confused as to how to get back
  • People were unsure how to start a new story – suggested adding a ‘start new story’ button to the navigation – then attribute it to a project
My next step

Final prototype development

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Initial prototype & video

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