Body storming

As a team we met with Layla Gaye who taught us about prototyping and Body Storming. This technique gets people away from the (often) solitary habit of designing on a computer and helps get people to communicate with one another. It is great for helping designers to put themselves in the shoes of their target audience and start to experience the various difficulties that they may encounter. Doing this can be a great way to root out potential problems early on in the design process by iteratively creating prototypes that can be easily tweaked or even scrapped if necessary.

Bodystorming ptototype

As a group we will use these techniques in the future when we begin to prototype our designs for an interactive feature at the M-Shed. Hopefully by doing this will we be able to look at our project through the eyes of its target audience and see what issues we can work on early in the design process. This will help us to make sure that we are creating something people will want to, and be able to use regardless of age and ability.

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