Personas & scenarios

After meeting to discuss our design brief we decided to start focusing on our target audience for the installation; we want to make sure that the museums visitors are at the forefront of our design process going forward. This will be important in ensuring that what we end up creating will be well received, and is something that will actually engage people.

Based on our previous visit to the M-Shed and the observations we made we were able to come up with some proto-persona’s and mind map scenarios. These proto-personas will help give us something to refer to, and help us make sure that we are designing an exhibit that will fulfill visitors needs.


I decided to sit down and flesh out two very different types of visitors for us to use as a guide as we continue our research. One is an older women with her young grandson who is quite typical of the sort of visitors we observed at the M-Shed. The other is a young student at university who is a demographic that we noticed was lacking within the museum, and one that we would like to encourage to visit. We hope that our design will help to bring these two very different people together in a way that they would perhaps never do normally.


Having roughly sketched out the proto-personas on paper I could then write up a scenario for each of them based on their needs in more detail. This was really helpful as it started to give me more of an idea of what each visitor is looking to get out of their trip to the museum, and how we can provide them with an experience that they will enjoy.

Hopefully by being able to provide a digital installation that allows them to create their own content Sanjay, Fiona (and her grandson) could bump into one another and collaborate on an art piece together. Giving them a memento of their art means they will have something to remind them of the time they worked together with someone they may have otherwise never spoken to.

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