Many Tears website re-design

The challenge

As a hypothetical design challenge I planned a re-design of the Many Tears Animal Rescue website.

I needed to make sure that the website helped people to:

- connect with the dogs available for adoption

- highlight the ways to get involved

- and serve as a hub for their community.

The website has a lot of great content that is unfortunately being lost due to a busy user interface and messy architecture.

In order to make sure that the content of the site really shines I needed to simplify the navigation and user journey, implement a visual hierarchy, and make it responsive for mobile devices.

Many Tears homepage screenshot

My process

I conducted research into competitors, sat down with stakeholders, and used various UX techniques to make sure that the re-design worked for both the charity and their user base.

Sketching the initial wireframes I used conventional design patterns to help with ease of use. I tested these sketches with stakeholders and noted which areas of the design needed to be improved upon. Using these insights I was able to iterate the design and create an interface that I knew would work well.

Sketched wireframes

The outcome

During the design process I put together a branding sheet to note the visual language that Many Tears uses on both their website and physical artifacts. 

Many Tears style tile