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As this is a hypothetical re-design to help me flex my UX muscles I don't have access to a lot of the important information needed for a full website audit. Given access to analytics for the website I would be able to see which pages are not performing and which pages people are finding useful. 

Despite this I was able to go through the website to list the content and re-sort each item to streamline the user journey. I wanted to make sure that the goals of Many Tears were highlighted and easy to access for their users.


  • For adoption
    • Dogs
    • Search
    • Reserved dogs
    • Cats
    • Animals


  • Procedures
    • Forms
    • Matchmaker service - hidden in something that looks like an ad


  • About Many Tears
    • FAQ
    • History
    • Personal message
    • Contact - map
    • In the news - can cull old news / make news more prominent


  • Get involved
    • Youtube channel
    • Donate page - various campaigns
    • Scratch cards
    • Sponsor a kennel
    • Amazon wish list
    • Work for them
    • Shop
    • Training / advice
    • Foster
    • Forum
    • Become member
    • Happy endings
    • Ways to help - Loads!


  • Blog
    • Events
    • Thank yous 
    • Poems
    • Raffles
    • Sylvia's diary
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